We are embarked on a remarkable journey to secure the signature of over a million registered voters to rescue the 2006 legislative session and save our state from a catastrophe.







The rules and the law governing a gubernatorial recall make the process very difficult, as they should. A recall of a governor should be the last step the people take. Indeed, we tried so hard to work with him. We used humor, we called upon his conscience, we tried to seek understanding and sympathy, we even begged - all to no avail. This man 'The Governator" is a heartless machine, programmed only to listen to the wealthy special interest groups.

The recall of Governor Davis two years ago was successful only because that recall campaign was funded by some deep, deep pockets. They employed paid signature gatherers in large numbers. In contrast, our campaign is meant to be grassroots - it will succeed only because of the powerful outcry of millions of people. Our campaign is counting on a historic outpouring of emotions and energies, to gather our signatures.

The fact of life is, as idealistic as all this sounds, that we are going to have trouble unless we can also put money - and a lot of it - into this campaign. Remember, losing our campaign can mean billions of dollars lost to our schools and our cities. The few million dollars we could end up spending pales by comparison.

VOLUNTEER! If you believe in this campaign, please, please participate! We need volunteers - tens of thousands of them, to table at supermarkets and flea markets and anywhere else you can think of. We need board and local sub-board members to organize and run this campaign. We need people to make phone calls to our volunteers and to our voters. Please write us at and remember to use a subject line with words such as TABLE, BOARDS, and MAKE CALLS so that we can sort your mail fast.

DONATE! Since our website went online, we have received inquiries as to how to donate to our cause. While we need volunteers even more than money, we do have campaign literature to print up, many campaign letters and postcards to mail, and (gulp) we may even have to employ paid signature gatherers, especially in the last days of the campaign. Therefore, for those of you who would like to support our cause by funding us, we have arranged to have PayPal handle our donations in a secure manner. Please click on the PayPal button below to donate. Those who would prefer to send us a check, please make it out to Recall Arnie Campaign, 2107 Dwight Way, Suite 100, Berkeley, CA 94704. Thank you for asking. Every $50 in donation enables us to print 1600 petitions, which will gather over 6000 signatures. Actually, since many people will take our original petition and copy them to distribute to their co-workers and friends, we project the $50 may result in as many as 20,000 signatures. How else can you spend your money better?