This Website from 2005-2006 is archival and not active.  It is historical and preserved to tell the story of how a few people inspired 10,000 volunteers to bring about the raise in the minimum wage of the working poor in California.  Governor Schwarzenegger had vetoed this bill twice in a row, but declared in his 2006 State of the State speech, four months after Dr. Matsumura's announcement of his recall effort, that raising the minimum wage was his top priority.  This recall effort gave the working poor billions of dollars to pay for medicine and food and gave impetus to many other states to follow California's lead.  Governor Schwarzenegger went onto run for a successful re-election ten months later.  However, if one compares his campaign platform to the platform of this Recall 2006 campaign, it is almost identical.     10/5/15

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We are embarked on a remarkable journey to secure the signature of over a million registered voters to rescue the 2006 legislative session and save our state from a catastrophe.







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HURRAH! We got health coverage for our working poor!

NEWS FLASH! CONGRATULATIONS, VOLUNTEERS! The Sally Lieber Bill raising the minimum wage for the working poor was signed on September 12, 2006 by Gov. Schwarzenegger. This bill translates to as much as 5 billion dollars a year to those who often work two jobs to make ends meet. Dr. Matsumura launched the recall because of the plight of these working poor patients who, Dr. Matsumura learned, were stretching their medications to last to their next pay day. Because of the overwhelming response of Californians and the press to the recall effort, Gov. Schwarzenegger took what we said seriously. He had vetoed the raise in the minimum wage twice, the last time only three days before Dr. Matsumura launched his recall. There is not a shred of doubt that the launch of the recall and the enthusiastic attention by the media to this recall effort are what prompted the governor to make changes in his thinking. Our Sacramento volunteers continually working every weekend to keep our visibility high continued the pressure on the governor. Thank you, volunteers, not only in Sacramento but thousands all over the state! Now (9/28/06), we got him proudly fighting global warming, too -see Weblog of this date.

OUR WEBSITE WILL MONITOR & REPORT ON THE            CONDUCT OF GOVERNOR SCHWARZENEGGER.          We posted our demands in December. In a bizarre turn of events, by January when our signature gathering launched, he had adopted our platform as his. Today, he is running for re-election with OUR campaign platform. 1) He has tried even to by-pass the legislature in order to more quickly institute a dollar raise in the minimum wage for our working poor (he had vetoed the raise just two days before Dr. Matsumura launched the recall). 2) We repeatedly demanded the repair of the delta levees whose failure threatened Southern California's water supply. He had been completely neglectful of our infrastructure while protecting his wealthy supporters. Today, the infrastructure is the main thing on his mind! 3) Fearful of our thousands of nurse and teacher volunteers ready to gather recall signatures, he stopped harrassing our nurses and began to return the money he stole from our public schools. 4) Hearing Dr. Matsumura on statewide KGO radio about the governor's broken promises to protect the environment, Gov. Schwarzenegger helped California lead the nation in taking steps to end global warming. It appears that this governor can use our help in steering the right course for California. Many comments from our over 12,000 volunteers across the state that we need to keep a watch over him have led to our decision to keep our group together through this website. The Democrats are massacring themselves at the Primaries. We hope the winner can recover in time for the November election. However, should the worst happen and, as we warned many times, Gov. Schwarzenegger is re-elected, we stand ready to recall him if he returns to his old habit of breaking promises with the voters. Our machinery is now well-oiled, and should he return to his old habits, no one will have any hesitation from a feeling that perhaps he has reformed. Governor Schwarzenegger, we are very pleased that you have adopted the Recall Campaign platform. We are watching you. We will retain the original postings below for historical purposes and for future use should it become necessary once again. Volunteers: Be sure to keep reading the Weblog section for updates.


HELP US GET A NEW GOVERNOR BY THIS SUMMER! We are witnessing a historic outpouring of volunteers. We are now over 10,000 strong. Californians went to the polls on November 8th in record numbers to say NO! to Schwarzenegger. That was the first step. Next, we must get rid of the source of those evil initiatives that cost Californians over 150 million dollars battling them, by recalling this dysfunctional governor.  By eliminating Schwarzenegger in June 2006, we don't just gain 5 months, but a whole year. If we kept Schwarzenegger until November, we will lose a lot of vital legislation to his veto and all of 2006 will be lost. With a successful recall, we can have a California-saving Summer of 2006 re-enacting important bills vetoed by Schwarzenegger over two years that have stagnated our economy, starved our schools, and deprived our elderly, the sick and the poor. Politics change from week to week. Don't count on a progressive legislature in 2007 nor in ousting Schwarzenegger in November 2006.  TO DOWNLOAD A PETITION, CLICK AT "PETITION" TAB at top.

TO THE HONORABLE ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: Pursuant to Section 11020, California Election Code, the undersigned registered qualified voters of the State of California, hereby give notice that we are the proponents of a recall petition and that we intend to seek your recall and removal from the office of Governor of the State of California, and to demand election of a successor in that office.  The grounds for the recall are as follows: threatening public safety and welfare by grabbing funds from local governments and demoralizing public workers, failing in general to deal with state's major problems as they near crisis proportions, and dismantling public education in California by starving schools of necessary funds while protecting special interest groups of wealthy taxpayers.  California should not be known as the state with poor schools, poor healthcare, and poor disaster readiness, all caused by a governor serving only the rich...  

    so began our work to save California from a certain disaster under Governor Schwarzenegger, himself a beneficiary of another governor's recall two years ago.

Very few governors in American history have alienated so many groups of people in their state, in such a short time.

Schwarzenegger promised to protect California's educational system from budget cuts. In fact, in 1999, voters had decisively mandated that the public education budget be protected from economic upturns and downturns and be guaranteed a certain minimum. 

        Arnold Schwarzenegger, upon taking office, took two billion dollars away from California schools and has stubbornly refused to return the money. Public schools have been forced to layoff experienced and dedicated teachers, close classrooms, and eliminate vital curricula.  More and more parents are forced to consider removing better students from public schools in favor to private schools. Public education is on the brink of extinction here in California.

Healthcare in the United States had been in general turmoil for over a decade due to a number of factors.   Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived on the scene at a critical juncture. Lacking knowledge and experience and motivated only to protect his special interest group of wealthy taxpayers who funded his election,

    Arnold Schwazenegger grabbed billions of dollars from municipalities, starving public hospitals of funds  they desperately needed to care for the poor. Schwarzenegger recklessly and unilaterally decided that overworked nurses can take care of more patients, ignoring well-respected research showing that forcing nurses to care for too many patients leads to patient injuries and deaths.

In times of an economic downturn, history shows that the poor suffer disproportionately. Public policy must be carefully crafted to shelter the poor by taxing the rich whose welfare is least affected by taxation. In fact, just a few years ago, during its economic boom, California gave the wealthy taxpayers a substantial tax break. It would have been natural to rescind the tax break and restore the former rates, when the economy took a downturn. Instead,

   Arnold Schwarzenegger steadfastly refused to raise taxes,  insisting on reducing motor vehicle license fees. Cities lost a huge amount of revenue and Schwarzenegger single-handedly created a crisis. Cities have been forced to drastically cut services to the poor, the sick, and the aged. Many cities have even closed down vital programs that shielded the disadvantaged from a catastrophe. Schwarzenegger's reckless budget planning has affected services to the middle class as well.  Libraries have been forced to close on weekends, and fire stations have been forced into rotating shut-downs. Nearly three years have passed, and he has not had any creative solutions that would cure our ills, as he implied he had when he ran for this office. Time is running out! Everyone is in danger since California's disaster readiness has been drastically reduced.

When the economy is slow, public workers, like firefighters and police officers, are asked to reduce their pay demands. It is  the time when the public must show their appreciation to those who protect our safety and welfare. Instead,

    Arnold Schwarzenegger recklessly proposed that pensions be reduced for widows of firefighters and police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in serving the public. He has caused an unprecedented uproar, demoralizing the front-line defenders we need when disaster strikes.  Completely insensitive Arnold Schwarzenegger's totally insensitive response to worker's protest is to now attack their unions of public workers, trying to silence them, in order to gain an unfair advantage over them.

The foregoing is just a small sample of the unbelievable behavior of this man whose only previous experience is as a Hollywood actor in movies in which he portrays mostly reckless and insensitive characters. The state of California is not his movie set. We need a bright, sensitive leader who is truly mature. With our state on the brink of disaster, courageous men and women reluctantly came to the conclusion that they have no choice but to recall this governor and set our state once again on the proper and safe course. 

We are embarked on a remarkable journey to secure the signature of over a million registered voters so that this man can be made to face the people in time to rescue the 2006 legislative session. Ousting him in November of 2006 would be too late, making us lose one whole year of legislation. By then, our illustrious, world-class university will be irretrievably lost, our public hospitals dismantled, and many of our poor will be homeless and in the streets. By then our experienced public school teachers will have been forced to take enticing jobs in the private sector, forever sealing the fate of our children. The timing of this recall is crucial. Let us all work together to make it happen!

We will need 30,000 volunteers to commit to securing 40 signatures apiece from at least five California counties. Our early experience has shown that if we carefully choose where we collect the signatures, people are eager to sign and are grateful to the volunteers.  We also need people to serve on organizing boards and sub-boards, and to make phone calls.  Please write with the subject line TABLE (if you want to collect signatures), BOARDS, or MAKE CALLS. Please include your phone number and the best time to reach you. Thank you!

And now, please enjoy the cartoon donated by Charles C. Bright, all the way in South Carolina. He is now our Campaign Cartoonist. Thank you, Charles. The cartoon is below the signature which follows. Please read WEBLOG (tab at top), October 29, 2005 entry for a message from Charlie. (Yes, remember to keep up to date by reading the UPDATE section every other day.)

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