We are embarked on a remarkable journey to secure the signature of over a million registered voters to rescue the 2006 legislative session and save our state from a catastrophe.








Few governors in history have alienated so many people as Governor Schwarzenegger. Despite his lack of experience in government, he has taken a "know it all" attitude and have bullheadedly plotted a course for California that has only multiplied the problems California already faced when he was elected. The following is but a few examples of his policies and actions that have brought grief to Californians.

Schwarzenegger robs our public schools of critically needed funds:

Despite his campaign pledge to protect educational funding in California, Schwarzenegger drastically cut funding that schools were entitled to under the voter-approved Proposition 98. Billions of dollars have been or will be lost to schools.

Schwarzenegger is destroying the quality of healthcare for Californians:

Schwarzenegger is undermining the quality of healthcare of Californians by working to increase the number of patients one nurse can care for and by proposing that the nine-member California Board of Nursing no longer regulate nursing practices. He proposes to give such regulatory powers to the director of the Department of Consumer Affairs.  California would become the only state in the nation without a regulatory Board of Registered Nursing.

Schwarzenegger is weakening our disaster readiness:

Schwarzenegger has endangered public safety by demoralizing our firefighters and police officers.  He is working to end the pension system that provides guaranteed benefits upon retirement to our dedicated public employees who guard our safety. He is working to weaken the unions of public employees to take unfair advantage of them. For more information, click here, California State Employees Association.

Schwarzenegger is intent on protecting his special interest group of wealthy taxpayers:

Despite critical shortages of money for basic public necessities such as health, safety, and education, with state revenues falling due to poor economy, Schwarzenegger has stubbornly refused to raise taxes even though taxes were cut when the economy was robust.  Schools and healthcare facilities are having to hold bake sales to meet critical necessities.

Schwarzenegger has repeatedly renegged on his campaign pledges, lost confidence of most of our public sectors of teachers, nurses, fire fighters, and police officers, and forfeited his right to continue to govern California. We must recall him and replace him with a more mature, sensitive leader, in order to save our state from a catastrophe.

Please volunteer to table or to walk the precincts to secure over a million signatures in a very short time so that we can elect a new governor before the 2006 legislature adjourns. We also need people to serve on our organizing boards and sub-boards  and to make telephone calls. Write us at using the subjectline TABLE, BOARDS, or MAKE CALLS, to expedite our sorting your mail. People together can make miracles happen. JOIN US TODAY!